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Rose Muhando - to discover the star Kenyan gospel

Rose Muhando - to discover the star Kenyan gospel

Rose Muhando - to discover the star Kenyan gospel

SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT AFRICA ROCKSTAR4000 and are proud to announce the release of highly anticipated by the Gospel Music 's most acclaimed singer-songwriter from East Africa Rose Muhando album. Pink 's new album titled " Yesu Kung'uta " will lead to the release of the first single from the album entitled " Wololo ' in both music videos and audio formats on radio , television , online Africa East and other digital stores around the world. " Wololo ' will debut this weekend , Sunday, December 15 .

Muhando Rose was born in 1976 and grew up in Dodoma , Tanzania. Being seriously ill, Rose converted to Christianity, moved to direct the choir of his local church and meeting Nassan Wami who pushed his first recording of the album.

Rose now lives between Dar Es Salaam and Dodoma where his career has flourished over the past 10 years.

To date, the previously released albums Rose broke the record of physical sales , selling over 7 million copies. In Kenya alone Rose is the most downloaded in the history of the mobile phone giant , Safaricom artist , with sales of more than 5 million units to date. This magical voice was not limited to Tanzania and has toured extensively throughout the African continent , covering the cities of Kenya , Mozambique , South Africa , Malawi . Congo and Uganda. Rose was also well received in the United States .

Rose Muhando is undoubtedly one of the best-selling African and gospel artists , with millions of fans across East Africa and his home country Tanzania most acclaimed . Muhando Rose has received numerous awards in recent years, including best composer , best singer and best album of the year. She has participated in Gospel concerts to help raise money for an orphanage for children in Dar Es Salaam and graced the places throughout East Africa and beyond to an audience of thousands , all the name of Jesus Christ.

Rose has signed a multi- album record deal with Sony Music , and a full - service management deal with Sony Music and ROCKSTAR4000 , and a worldwide publishing deal with RockStar Publishing. Rose is also a proud mother of 3 children Sheheba Maximilian and Nicholas Winton




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